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Want to make the most of Digital Marketing? If this is your question, the answer is with us!

The workshop was conducted in December, 2015, particularly designed for marketers, business developers and entrepreneurs who have basic or no prior knowledge of social media and digital marketing. The sessions started off with the fundamentals of digital marketing and aimed to provide individuals and marketing teams to manage full-fledge social media campaigns, website projects and apps.

The session equipped participants with the knowledge to work effectively with digital agencies and in-house marketing teams to formulate, execute and monitor social media and digital marketing campaigns across different platforms.

The training was conducted by Ifran Weldon, having 10 plus years of experience. He is a Google Adwords Certified Professional and has also contributed towards the Google Doodle Project and the Adwords Programme with Google London.

Treasury Audit Work Shop

A&Z Management Consultants conducted a two day practical workshop on Treasury Audit.

Treasury in any organization is always considered as key in supporting the organization strategic plans by best utilizing the firm’s resources and/or having the required resources available so at no point of time the organization finds any difficulty in achieving its strategic business objectives. Treasury functions are not only supporting the organizations’ completing their strategic business plans in best possible manners but also determining the firm’s financial strategy and financial policy; advising on what assets to invest in, what kind of liabilities to take on, and measuring, monitoring, managing and reporting the risks attached with such assets and liabilities, according to the risk appetite of the organization and ensuring the shareholders values are not affected with such activities.

The course was conducted in a workshop format where participants were taken through practical examples of Treasury dealing activities including front, middle, back offices and risk management. The workshop also covered the benefits that could be achieved by both young and seasoned auditors while going through the actual live examples of transactions conducted in dealing rooms and several of them resulted in disasters to the organization when not detected on time. Exclusive guest speaker who made this workshop a successful one was Mohammad Zahid Khan, F Fin.

Free Seminar Series

The seminar was conducted in Dubai where attendees were briefed about the nature of regulatory requirements being published by local / international regulators on different kind of derivative products being traded by market participants. A&Z Senior Executive Consultants shared their expertise on this subject and analyzed the corporation’s readiness to face the challenges appearing from these new regulations.

The on-going amendments to the US regulatory framework for financial markets have their roots in the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-10. The global nature of the crisis, and the financial markets it affected, has required a co-ordinated global response. Regulators such as the Commodity Futures and Trading Commission (CFTC) and European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA) have sought to extend the scope of their oversight to include all institutions who may affect their local markets, regardless of where they are based. Global entities struggling to navigate Dodd – Frank’s derivatives requirements are about to be hit by a second wave of regulation. European legislators have completed the first set of implementation rules for the European Markets and Infrastructure Regulation (“EMIR”); triggering the first EMIR Compliance dates for firms. Although similarities exist between Dodd – Frank and EMIR, there are several significant differences with respect to scope and timing. Global firms will need to identify core processes and procedures that can be leveraged across compliance regimes while identifying those areas that will require unique solutions. Building programs that satisfy both sets of rules – as well as rules from other global market centres – will be a challenge. However, industry participants who successfully navigate change across their global organizations have the opportunity to establish themselves as market leaders. Global firms which trade derivatives in multiple jurisdictions must be able to fully catalogue all derivatives activity by transaction-type and region to understand the full regulatory impact to their derivatives business. Strategies that rely upon certain product exemptions to limit exposure to Dodd-Frank requirements may not be applicable under EMIR and vice versa.

This seminar was a great success because of A&Z’s exclusive guest speakers namely:
  • Bilal Hasanjee: CFA®, MSc Finance, MBA
  • Karim Aziz: FCA, AFFM Senior Finance & Compliance Professional / Consultant, Compliance and Risk Management
  • Mr. Ahmed Al Maqtari: FCCA,MCI (ARB.) – as a chief guest