F – FoundationFor anyone new to financial industry looking to understand what goes on in financial markets

A – AdvancedFor those already working in the financial industry and looking to build on their knowledge base in relevant field

S – SpecialistFor those working in the area of their specialization

List of training courses

Fundamentals and Technical Analysis F, A
Mastering Financial Markets Economics F, A
Macro Economics F, A, S
Managing Bonds & Fixed Income Investment F, A, S
Leveraged Finance A, S
Asset Management F, A, S
Fixed Income Valuation F, A, S
Liquidity and Cash Management Reporting F, A
Understanding Financial Markets F, A
Liquidity Management and Funds Transfer Pricing F, A, S
Financial Modeling Using Excel A, S
Product Development – Financial Services F, A
Equity Valuations F, A, S
Financial Services Sales F, A, S
Risk Assets Review A, S
Liquidity Risk Management F, A
ORM in Treasury and Investment F, A
Treasury Operations and Risk Management F, A
Managing Risk in Financial Markets F, A, S
Investment Valuation F, A, S
Central Clearing Counterpart (CCP) F, A
Operational Risk Management (ORM) F, A
ORM in Payment, Clearing and Settlement Operations F, A
Enterprise Risk Management F, A, S
Treasury Functions and Risk Management F, A, S
Risk Management in Banking F, A, S
IFRS for Financial Instruments F, A
Compliance and Regulatory Framework F, A
Treasury Audit F, A, S
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) F, A
International Regulatory Compliance F, A
Regulatory Reporting F, A
Banks Fraud, Prevention and Detection F, A
Control Risk Self-Assessment F, A
Base I, II and III A, S
Governance, Risk and Compliance F, A
Money Laundering F, A
Hedge Funds Markets and Operations F, A
Financial Planning and Wealth Formation F, A
Product Development, Islamic Banking F, A
Managing and Marketing Financial Services F, A
Islamic Banking F, A
Islamic Financial Engineering & Product Development A, S
Back Office Operations F, A
Managing OTC Derivatives Clearing and Settlement F, A
Back and Middle Office Management F, A, S
Effective Middle Office Management F, A
Treasury Front, Middle and Back Office Management F, A
Business Continuity Planning F, A
Repo and Reverse Repo Markets F, A
Interest Rates Markets and Trading A, S
Fundamentals of Bonds and Money Market F, A
Debt Capital Markets F, A, S
Derivative Pricing and Trading A, S
Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets F, A
Trading in Futures and Options Markets F, A, S
Fundamentals of Foreign Exchange Markets F, A
Trading in Bonds and Money Market F, A, S
Foreign Exchange (FX) & Money Markets F, A
Fundamentals of Equity Markets F, A
Managing Fixed Income & Currency Investment F, A, S
Fundamental of Derivatives F, A
Commodity Markets and Derivatives F, A, S
Financial Engineering and Structuring using derivatives A, S
Trading in Foreign Exchange Markets F, A, S
IFRS for Financial Instruments F, A
Mergers & Acquisitions A, S
Assets and Liability Management F, A, S
Advanced Financial Statements Analysis A, S
Business Process Review and Re-Engineering F, A
Operational Excellence F, A
Project Management F, A, S
Effective KPIs Management F, A
Straight Through Processing F, A