Project Management

A&Z specializes in multidisciplinary project management activities ranging from selection of system(s) to implementation of systems in the Financial Services Industry including brokerage houses. We work with the vendors of financial systems in order to have in depth know-how on the merits & demerits of system being offered to prospect client in financial markets.
Successful and timely deployment of projects is crucial to our clients’ compliance objectives and overall competitiveness in the market. For many businesses the implementation process is hindered by limited resources or tight deadlines. This can make managing a large project daunting and frustrating.

We offer Project Management Services to help alleviate the challenges of software, hardware selection and/or implementation. We ensure that, the continuity and quality required for successful implementation of any system, is always available throughout the deployment process. Our experienced Project Managers bring the expertise to serve as a project champion, coordinate activities, and communicate critical milestones. This provides a single point of accountability and communication for the entire project.

How our Project Management Services Benefit you?

As any project grows in size and scope, professional project management services become more critical to the implementation process. We maintain staff of project management experts as a resource for our clients. Our experts:

Ensure quality and continuity of the desired deliverables based on Project Management standards issued by Project Management Institute (PMI) USA

Guarantee that customers have a dedicated resource for our products and services for the duration of the project

Leverage the PMI processes that have been proven to provide maximum results

Consolidate and coordinate the requirements from a variety of departments under a single point of accountability.

Make “on-the-fly” adjustments to your project plan to ensure the services committed are adding the most value to the project

Coordinate and communicate crucial project milestones and activities with the clients and their team

Project Planning

The planning phase paves the way for smooth project execution. It includes planning, definition of goals and expectations, and documentation of the plan, all of which can be revisited and revised as necessary as desired.

  • The Kick-off
  • Defining Customer Success
  • Identify Project Team and Stakeholders
  • Document Project Assumptions
  • Pre-Onsite / Remote Services
  • Communication Plan
  • Project Plan Development
  • Identify Project Risks and Mitigation

Project Execution

Our Project management services can eliminate a great deal of the confusion and delays arisen in the implementation of any software product.

We have with us seasoned professionals, who have practical hands-on experience of selecting, designing and developing project plans for installation of several in-house and outsourced systems. We also serve as project delivery consultants in selection of different kind of system.

You may also download our Brochure for further insight. (Download) and visit the profiles of our Project Management Consultants here.

  • Directing the Project Team
  • Managing Project Scope
  • Conduct Project Status Meeting
  • Day-to-Day Meeting and Issue Management
  • Project Close