Research, Analyze and Report

Professionals at A&Z extend significant efforts in conducting research on the latest developments taking place in the global economy particularly in the GCC region. We are constantly evaluating the implications that might affect our clients.

Financial Markets Research:

The extensive experience held by Professionals at A&Z in the Financial Services Industry allows great deal of research to take place on the subjects of current dynamics in financial markets including but not limited to trends on:

  • ABC (activity based costing) of banking
  • Future of banking i.e. branchless banking
  • Future of technology usage in banking i.e. mobile banking
  • Automation i.e. STP
  • New regulatory requirements
  • Future compliance landscape.

We provide our client with regular update on the current tends on their relative businesses to make their decision making process more informed and smoothen.

Our research analysts have access to data of various business domains published by reliable global institutes. Information gathered is analyzed using stringent methods and different perspectives to issue our research reports on the subject ranging from future of banking, technology innovation in financial markets, modernization of banking, automation of process, growth or decline of any specific business segments, risk management, issuance of new regulatory requirements, Basel publication that could invite a great deals of compliance requirements and behaviors of markets’ users. This support our clients in their decision making process.

Business research:

Our end-to-end service model includes expertise of our domain specialists engaging with our clients to collate data based on pre-defined research objectives and presenting them to our clients. These tailor-made reports help our clients to make informed decisions and actions more strategic. Following are some examples of Business Research Services available at A&Z:

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Industry Studies
  • Benchmark Analysis
  • Report Writing and more.

Market Research:

With proven experience in mutli geography and multi lingual telephonic and online research studies, we offer best in class solutions. This along with our robust panel that supports our clients to reduce their research costs substantially.

  • Market Entry & Demand Studies
  • Concept Testing
  • Industry Overview Studies
  • Consumer Behaviour Studies
  • Opinion Studies and more.